Millennials have come to realize that picketing, protests and even riots are of limited effectiveness in bringing about positive, substantive change in their own lives and in the life of their communities.

With regard to political issues of the day, our approach is three-fold. We endeavor to Engage Millennials in principle discussion; Educate them to the options available, and equip them for effective participation.

The mission of the Mansfield Institute is to help create policies that are physically responsible, research based, data driven, and which incorporates ideas that are well planned and executed.  We believe that collaborative strategies lead to equitable solutions.  The Institute was created to provide a forum for the formulation of those strategies.  The harmonious pairing of ideas and the incorporation of those ideas into positive and constructive programs will have the most favorable impact on the community.

Centered around our core principles of charitable giving, social tolerance, and moral responsibility, the Institute engages Millennials in a fresh new way by combining urban culture, music, and entertainment that are conducive to positive character development and leadership empowerment. 

Programs currently offered by the Institute include: DJs Spin for Change Millennial Empowerment Summit; Learn 2 Lead Millennial Leadership Summit; Educate 4 Excellence Millennial Education Summit; Non-Partisan Cooperative Initiative; Community Symposium; and We Stand United For A Cause Millennial Health Summit.

We invite you to join in celebrating our Millennial Veterans as well as those organizations that play a role in supporting their health and wellness. Sponsorship for the 2017 Millennials Veteran’s Health and Wellness Summit are described on the following page. Let’s Work Together and Be A Game Changer!