Who is the Mansfield Institute?

The Mansfield Institute for Public Policy and Social Change, Inc is a nonprofit association committed to the advancement of Millennials between the ages of 17-35 years of age that focuses on bringing popular culture awareness to Millennials through Public Policy conversations centered around empowerment, leadership, education and health. We are focused on improving the lives of all young people who seek to better their community through federal, state legislation and Public Policy development. 

We work in a nonpartisan way by approaching issues from a systematic approach and scientific methodology that offers the most impactful Social Change.  We tackle issues head on concerning empowered learning, community outreach, and justice under law. The Institute strives to bring together stakeholders from all walks of life in an effort to effect actionable change in the community. 



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“To restore American idealism and pride while magnifying and emotionally connecting with the general population of Millennials between the ages of 17-35. We promote common values and principles of empowerment, leadership, education, and health that drive the idea of American exceptionalism. The institute works with community stakeholders to advocate and lobby for public policy that addresses the social, psychological, physical and economic needs of Millennial Americans.”





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